Google Pay

Google Pay


Loading the Google Pay button via COPY+PAY payment widget requires two actions:

  • Just like any other brand, GOOGLEPAY must be specified as a brand in step 2.
  • Specify your merchant ID in wpwlOptions.googlePay.gatewayMerchantId (Click js tab to see the code example). See the Options section for more information.


Google Pay provides a list of features that can be used via the API Reference.

As with other options, you can modify the Google Pay behavior by using wpwlOptions.googlePay.

The full reference of all available options is shown below in this page.

To quick start your integration, we recommend use our example code below as a guidance (Click js tab to see the code example).


The following table lists all available Google Pay options that you can use with wpwlOptions.googlePay.

gatewayMerchantId Your merchant ID provided by us. gatewayMerchantId: "8a8294174e735d0c014e78beb6b9154b"
allowedAuthMethods Fields supported to authenticate a card transaction.
  • PAN_ONLY: this authentication method is associated with payment cards stored on file with the user's Google Account. Returned payment data includes personal account number (PAN) with expiration month and year.
  • CRYPTOGRAM_3DS: This authentication method is associated with cards stored as Android device tokens. Returned payment data includes a 3-D Secure (3DS) cryptogram generated on the device.
allowedAuthMethods: ["PAN_ONLY", "CRYPTOGRAM_3DS"]
allowedCardNetworks One or more card networks you support also supported by the Google Pay API.:
  • AMEX
  • JCB
  • VISA
allowedCardNetworks: ["AMEX", "DISCOVER", "JCB", "MASTERCARD", "VISA"]
merchantId A Google merchant identifier issued after your website is approved by Google. Required when going Live. See Google Pay's Integration checklist for more information about the approval process and obtaining a Google merchant identifier. merchantId: "your_merchantId"
merchantName A user-visible merchant name encoded as UTF-8. This name may be shown to the user in the Google Pay payment sheet to describe the merchant requesting payment data. merchantName: "Example Merchant"